Read this page BEFORE creating your account, then LOG IN HERE to create and access your account


Do you have an account?
~Click on the gray "Student & Parents" tab near the top right hand corner. 
~Click the light blue button that says "Click to Login"
~Follow these instructions to get started.
Not sure: 
~Click on the gray "Student & Parents" tab near the top right hand corner. 
~Click the light blue button that says "Click to Login"
~Click on "Forgot Password" in the Student Login box 
~You do NOT want to create more than one account!! 
**If you realize you have more than one account, click on the gray Support tab and provide your name and email addresses used so they can combine your accounts. 
Step 1. Create your Student Profile account
  1. Click the light blue button at the top of the page that says "Click to Login"
  2. To create a new account, click "Don't have an account yet? Create one here."  
    • The first box will ask for your high school.
      • Enter "Saint Peter Senior High" in the High School Name box and you will see the high school name appear below. Click "Choose This School".
    • Complete Step 2: Fill Out Your Basic Information. Anything with a double asterisk (**) is required to complete the profile. 
      • Hint: for city, spell out "Saint Peter"
      • Hint: For School District enter "St. Peter Public School District" When the district shows up, click inside the circle to select it.
    • Make sure you use a valid email account that you CHECK OFTEN.
      • DO NOT USE YOUR ST. PETER HIGH SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS; YOU CANNOT RECEIVE OUTSIDE EMAIL AT THIS ADDRESS. You can set up a free email through vendors such as gmail or yahoo mail.
      • We highly recommend adjusting your spam/junk mail account to accept emails from our email account: .
      • All important reminders, deadlines, and announcement emails will be sent from this email address. Note that the name of the person sending the email may be from anyone on our Dollars for Scholars Board.
      • If we see a problem with your application, we will use this email to communicate with you between February 15 and March 31.
  3. SENIORS: Make sure your Current Grade Level is "Senior in High School" and Year Expected Graduation from High School is "2024"
  4. Make sure to check the box authorizing your understanding of how your data will be used.
  5. Click Submit. 
  6. IMPORTANT: You will then be sent a message to your email inbox with your temporary password.
    • If you don't see the email, check your spam or junk mail folder.
    • If you don't receive the temporary password email, click the gray support tab in the bottom left hand corner of the login screen OR call 877-900-8201 for assistance.
  7. Next, go to, choose the Students and Parents tab to find the light blue "Click to Login" button, and log on with your email address and your temporary password.
    • You will then be asked to set your password to something you will remember for future reference. Keep this in a handy place. You will need to log back into your account several times during the application process.
    • If you ever forget which email you used, do NOT create another account, click the gray support tab for assistance. Forget your password? There is a link for that too!


updated January 2024