Make a Difference in the St. Peter-Kasota Community!

Your monetary contribution will directly support local St. Peter high school students who are selected to receive a St. Peter-Kasota Dollars for Scholars® award. Donations of any amount are accepted and are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to contribute, you can donate online directly to St. Peter-Kasota Dollars for Scholars by clicking on the red arrow above.  Any donation sent through the Scholarship America site will go directly to our local St. Peter-Kasota Dollars for Scholars chapter.

You can also mail donations in the form of a check to the following address:

St. Peter-Kasota Dollars for Scholars
PO Box 233
St. Peter, MN  56082


Thank you for your additional support!

Good news! Thanks to your extra contributions, we met our goal of raising an additional $10,000 and have received a matching grant from Scholarship America to help us start a new fund that will provide renewable scholarships to students who have completed their first year of post-secondary education. This will be an ongoing fund that we will continue to support in addition to our annual scholarship fund. 

Did you know?

  • The cost of tuition has increased 1,225% over the past three decades.  
  • ​Only about half of high school graduates who enroll in college finish their degree.

Renewable Scholarships Will:

  • Provide support to students beyond their first year of college.
  • Ensure students have predictable funding that grows each year of their award.
  • Decrease the student debt burden.