Congratulations on your award!
Ready to receive your scholarship check?
  • After you complete this very important step, we will mail the check to YOU at the address you provide. The check will be written out to the school you tell us you are attending. YOU will need to send/give the check to your school. By June 15, you MUST "accept" your scholarship by logging into your profile and completing the information asked before we can issue your check.
Not attending school this fall?
  • Follow these steps to accept your award. Then email the chapter at to let us know you would like to defer your scholarship. If you choose to enroll within the next two years, reach out to the chapter and we will issue the scholarship check at that time. 

1. After logging into your profile (, Students & Parents Tab, blue "Click to Login" button), click "Accept Your Scholarships" under the My Scholarships header.
2. On the My Scholarships page, scroll down to "Scholarships I've Been Awarded." Click "Accept Scholarship." You will be taken to the Scholarship Acknowledgement Form
3. Confirm or enter your College Information, Student ID, and Current Contact Information. The college you are attending and student ID are required fields. If you do not know your student ID yet, please enter 0000 and then update this information on the Schools page of your Student Profile when you receive it. Once everything is correct, read the form and click the "Agree to Terms and Conditions."

 Step 4: Accept your Award - PDF

updated January 2024